Who we are and what we do

About UP Circuit

Being the 2nd largest engineering organization in the university, we are an organization that conducts excellence, rectifies character, and amplifies skills and talents. We are an organization established to uphold the standards of honor and excellence through events that foster student learning and engagement. We practice mastery through service and innovation. We strengthen bonds to form solidarity with other universities. We dare to be more.


Our Events

The National EEE Competition and Convention


SquEEEze is a gathering of the country’s top students and professionals in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This 4-day event is composed of subevents that will challenge and develop their skills in the said field. These subevents are composed of Quiz Bees, Circuit Sprint, EEE Convention, Company Talks and Technological Design Contest.

The E-Waste Project

The E-Waste Project is a year-long campaign to raise awareness about proper electronic waste disposal and management through annual collection drives and seminars. TEP continues to expand its reach to high schools, universities and communities throughout the nation.

Circuit Week

Circuit Week is a week-long event celebrating the establishment of the organization. This event aims to showcase outside the organization its history, developments, achievements and successes through the years. This event is also an avenue to strengthen the bond of the members.


PalEEEtan is an event spearheaded by UP Circuit which aims to bring together organizations in different universities in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering through various activities such as sports events, class immersions and laboratory tours in the university’s EEE Institute.

Other Articles

Shell Young Leaders Program

A year has already passed. Along with challenges and trials comes growth. This year's Shell Young Leaders Program proved to be a gold mine that provided us with countless experiences which greatly contributed to our organization’s tremendous growth.

Join us as we take a look back on the year-long journey of UP Circuit in the SYLP.


Conduct. Rectify. Amplify.